Instructions For Sending Ashes

1. Make sure a label is attached to the container of cremated ashes with the following information
(usually, your crematorium will have this label attached to the box):

Full Name of the deceased
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Social Security Number

We must have this information attached to the actual container of ashes for verification and our logs.

2. Put the container in a padded shipping box - your mortuary or funeral home can provide you with one.

3. In an envelope, enclose your check or money order payable to “Heaven’s Wings” for the amount of $295.00 for the basic scattering service.

4. Include your contact information in the envelope:

Your name
Your relationship to the deceased
Your complete address
A phone number where we can reach you
Your e-mail address if you have one
Any other information you feel we need to know.

5. Include any disposition papers (burial permit) you received from the mortuary or crematory (make copies of these for your records, if you wish).

6. If out of the state of California, you will need to send a copy of the death certificate, as well.

7. Ship to: (U.S. Postal Service accepts cremated remains for transport)

Heaven’s Wings
1634 Golden Gate Avenue
P.O. Box 155
Dos Palos, CA 93620

Request "Return Receipt" for your shipment - we cannot be held responsible for ashes during transit.